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Medical Records

Our office keeps copies of your medical records for a minimum of 7 years. We will be able to provide a one time copy of your medical records provided that the records are fewer than 50 pages. If the records exceed 50 pages, there will be a charge of $30 each time records are requested, to cover the cost of time and materials. There is no charge if you want the records to be faxed. Five working days are needed for completion of your request. There is an additional $10 fee if the records need to be rushed or completed with 24 hours.

If your records are stored at our off-site storage facility (patients who have not been seen since 2004), then there is an additional $20 fee for retrieval of the records. Unfortunately, we are unable to rush this request. Records prior to 2001 are likely to have been destroyed.

We do not store outside MRI or X-ray films in the office. Please contact the facility where these were performed directly.

To protect your privacy, no records can be released without your written consent. Please complete the below medical release and forward this to our office.

Medical Record Release Consent Form

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